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Our Latest Reviews

Porcarob 11 days ago

Antipasto Salad

Stopped in for lunch. I had never been here before. Pleasantly surprised !

Perhamnickolas 13 days ago

Baked Manicotti

Simply delicious! If you want good food, go to Oli's. They never disappoint and are always so pleasant!! I love this place!!

Jgdupre 18 days ago

Eggplant Ricotta Pizza

The egg plant ricotta pizza for the first time and it was 3+ /5. very skimpy on the egg plant and basil. which to me should've been the main ingredients. Too heavy on the ricotta and mozzarella so that was disappointing. Which I generally get the pestoliscious pizza which I like a lot better. however try something different I'm going back to the pestolicious Also got the Apple pecan salad which was good

Sbohns 21 days ago

Chicken & Broccoli With Penne

Always very good

Gordon6 22 days ago

4-Cheese Pesto Pepperoni Pizza


Kpisa 23 days ago

BBQ Chicken Calzone

The BBQ chicken calzone at Oli's is the BEST! It has the perfect ratios of chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce and is delicious every time I get it!

Alwaysportofino about 1 month ago

Chicken & Broccoli With Penne

My husband and I started eating at Oli's from the day they opened. We cannot get enough of their wonderful, consistent, top shelf food and service. Jill is one of the best waitresses I have ever seen, and the food is consistently delicious. The food is the best bang for your buck you will get anywhere, and it tastes far more expensive than the price you pay. There is no place like Oli's!

Romney about 2 months ago

Tuscan or Traditional Calamari

One of our favorites! Tasty! Love the Tuscan version!

Surveyjlm about 2 months ago

Oli's Combo Pizza

Wow! My new favorite thin crust pizza!

Anhvy53 about 2 months ago

Chicken Fontina Over Linguine

I have been coming here for over two years, at least once a month, and I cannot stop ordering this dish. It is my absolute favorite. The sauce tastes delicious and the chicken is always comes to perfection.

Clibera27 3 months ago

Chicken Parm & Penne

I had the chicken parm and it did not disappoint. This place is one of my favorite places to go and eat. The food is great and so is the service.

Karen 3 months ago

Tuscan or Traditional Calamari

The Tuscan Calamari is fantastic! Lightly battered, not greasy, with just the right amount of sauce and heat. Beautiful presentation on a white rectangular platter. If you enjoy calamari, this appetizer is a must try!

Lindsey 3 months ago

Antipasto Salad

My favorite local anti pasto salad! Their ingredients are always fresh and the ratio of meat/cheese to veggies is on point. I also recommend trying the risotto balls, they are sooooo good!

Haileylavoie17 3 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan*

Eggplant parm is phenomenal, so rich in flavor

Inkedangel74 3 months ago

Chicken & Broccoli With Penne

Yummy my favourite dish! All the food is delicious. Lots of flavour and great atmosphere

Aunderwood 3 months ago

Baked Manicotti

I had baked manicotti( one of my favorites) but what was so good last night was the service. I was there for a birthday celebration and a friend wanted pumpkin raviolis. Not on the specials but they made some for her and made her day! Thank you!

Caitie2891 4 months ago

Chicken Ranchero Calzone

Delicious, as is all the food here!

Christinasmith17 4 months ago


I dream about these delicious rice and cheese balls! They are delectable!

Bmemae 4 months ago

Chopped Salad

This salad was so good! It was cripy, fresh & very filling! I added grilled chicken on top as well. Yum!!!

Marylam5266 12 days ago

Shrimp Scampi With Linguine

Authentic Italian food. The best I have had in many, many years! I will recommend to all of my friends.

Thevaidas 14 days ago

Fire & Ice Ravioli

We go to Oli's frequently and I keep saying I'll try something other than Fire and Ice. Going tomorrow and will try Chicken Sinatra. Love, love, love Oli's and the bakery.

Rebeccachristoforo 20 days ago

Chicken & Broccoli With Penne

Love Oli's! Delicious food! We eat here once a week.

Tarajb1213 21 days ago

Build Your Own Pizza

Even though Oli's is right on the corner of a main road, located in a really well-maintained building, it's got that hole-in-a-wall feel to it. Family friendly, open layout, Italian decor all around, Oli's is the place to start your family tradition of eating out once a month, or once a week if you start to miss one of their signature pasta dishes or crisp on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth arancini. The first dish my family and I tried there was the pizza. It's thin, crispy, cheesy, and perfectly seasoned. My kids choose Oli's over any fast food, any day!

Kpisa 23 days ago

BBQ Chicken Calzone

The BBQ chicken calzone at Oli's is THE BEST. It has the perfect ratios of chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce and is delicious every time I get it!

Larissatamburro about 1 month ago

Eggplant Ricotta Pizza

So simple but so delicious! Crispy thin crust and I love that the eggplant was crispy too! The pizza wasn't overcrowded and soggy which i prefer. Definitely will go back!

Bpage20 about 2 months ago

Meatball Parmesana

I CRAVE these meatballs. So fresh, the meat mixture is perfect, topped with Oli's amazing Marinara. Paired this with a California salad. Can't wait to order again and again!

Chris about 2 months ago

Chicken Parm & Penne

Delicious. The right amount of sauce and the cheese was exquisite. I asked for the parm to be baked a little longer to get the chhese a little dark around the edges. Baked exactly as I requested. Perfect choice for me.

Aga080878 about 2 months ago

Chicken Picatta With Linguine

I had this dish last night for dinner. It was very tasty, loaded with chicken. Something different that a regular Italian dish with red marinara sauce. Worth trying!

Shannon8032 2 months ago

Tortellini Broccoli Alfredo

Best Alfredo I've ever had. This is by far my most favorite restaurant.

Rhyanne 3 months ago

Gluten Free Pizza

Came in awhile back with my husband and we loved the food! Made plans to go for lunch this week which brought me to this review! Great gluten free options and very nice staff & atmosphere.

Andreastp 3 months ago

Chicken & Broccoli With Penne

Amazing restaurant!! I had the chicken broccoli and penne which is soooo good. Most places only make this dish with Alfredo, which I don't like, so this is such an awesome version of this dish. I love it!!

Samcquain1 3 months ago

Seafood Saute With Angel Hair

Absolutely delicious and would recommend Oli's to anyone! They're great!

Inkedangel74 3 months ago

Chicken Parmesan*


Weezyworm1975 3 months ago

Chicken and Broccoli

I can't even pick one because each dish is great everything is good never had any complaints staff is very polite and respectful just a great place to go anytime anyday prices are also decent I would recommend Oli's to anyone .

Mjmckeon8 4 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan*

I try eggplant parm wherever I go and nowhere is it as good as at Oli's! Their sauce is wonderful, the dish is thick with tender eggplant and plenty of cheese. Excellent!

Michaelia8687 4 months ago

Chicken Parm & Penne

Honestly, I wasnt sure which dish I should review because we tried a few and have been DREAMING of them ever since! The cheesy garlic bread is worth writing home to mama about! Its THAT good! I promise. But for my main dish, I am 100% a chicken parm kinda gal. I try it every time I go to an Italian restaurant (truthfully, I try it anywhere, who am i kidding?) But here, at Oli's, I found chicken parm HEAVEN. I mean it... you take a bite and your eyes slide shut and you do a little dance saying "mmm mmm mmm!" while savoring every single cheesy, saucy, delicious morsel. My mouth is watering just from memory. My mother in law gets the angelhair Ashley EVERY time we go because she loves it that much and my husband loves the meatballs. So maybe I'm slightly reviewing half the menu, but I promise you.. you will leave here happy. If not from the friendly staff then definitely from the delicious food!

Jean 4 months ago

BBQ Chicken Calzone

This is one of the best calzones I have had. The bbq sauce is tangy with the perfect kick, the chicken is tender, and well seasoned and the dough is soft but with crusty edges! I would recommend to anyone.


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